[Solved] iPhone stuck in apple logo problem with screenshot

iPhones are the most widely selling smart phones in the world. iPhones has it popularity mainly due to the security reach and its less problem occurring probability. Here we are discussing a problem that is facing by lot’s of Apple iphone customers.iPhone stuck on apple logo are problem mainly occurring occasionally through the iOS upgrade process, which is mainly happen after you jailbreak your iPhone. If you jailbreaked your iPhone and try to boot it won’t boot all the way up and may see  iPhone stuck on apple logo. There is another problem you may see after jailbreak is endless loop of rebooting your iPhone. If you haven’t any technical skill this both situation make your iPhone useless.

Image of iPhone stuck on apple logo which i got for maintenance. I solve this problem successively by following the below steps.

How to fix iPhone stuck at apple logo problem?

In most probable cases you can overcome iPhone stuck on apple logo problem by putting your iPhone into recovery mode and restore it from the backup. You need to follow the following instructions to do so.
  • Connect iPhone’s USB cable to Computer without connecting your iPhone.
  • Make sure that your iPhone is switched off. If you can’t make it off, press the buttons till the screen get dark.
  • After turning of your device, press the home button in front of your iPhone, then connect it into the USB cable which made free in the first step.
  • Then you can see the device getting starting up and iTunes logo appears on the device screen.
  • Now the phone is in recovery mode, now you can start restore process by selecting “Restore” button in iTunes window.
We will not 100% guarantee that your iPhone will come back in actual mode because when i worked in a mobile store these step worked for 4 iPhone’s out of  6 which i had received for maintenance.

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