Download any Streaming videos and audios without any software or plugins

Internet is a world with huge and extreme collection of videos and audios. There are many and many websites having hosted with large amount of videos or any audio files. For eg consider Facebook and YouTube. Both of them supports live video streaming facility but non of these sites provides an inbuilt way to download streaming contents. Always we need to seek the help of a third party website or software tool for achieving this facility.Today we are discussing how we can download these audio and video files easily. This can be achieved by using the Torch browser.

Download Streaming videos and audios without any software

Torch web browser is a Chromium based browser which is also a freeware developed and managed by Torch Media. The main objectives are to do Internet-related tasks like displaying websites, sharing websites via social networks, downloading streaming audio and videos downloading torrents and accelerating browsing speed.

Torch browser is very likely similar to a Chrome browser but it is not associated with Google or with Google Chrome browser. The only similarity is that both are developed in chromium open source. However it supports Google chrome extensions and plugins. Torch have additional feature that, it can grab contents online.

How to download Streaming videos and audios without any software?

  • First of all download and install torch browser. You can get it from here.
  • Go to any sites that streams video or audio.
  • While playing that specific video, you can see a video icon replacing Media button on the top right to the address bar.
  • Click on that icon.
  • Now you can see that the file getting downloaded on your device.
This is one of the simplest way to download videos directly in browser without having any other video grabber software or online download tools. Then why are you giving money for purchasing costly tools? Get your torch browser today itself.

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