Showing American Megatrends window on startup removing trick

What is American Megatrends? American Megatrends Incorporated (AMI) is an America based hardware and software company that focused in PC hardware and software. It was founded by Pat Sarma and S. Shanka in 1985.When Computer System boots up you may noticed a window With a title ” American MegaTrends” and prompt you to press F1 key to Run the set up or starts the Operating System. The most reason for this Prompt screen is due to the damage of CMOS battery.

“American Megatrends” Press F1 to run setup window will show until you change the battery. The another problem is the when system starts up there will be a change in the Date and time. It will be difficult to browse https websites that time.

How to Remove American Megatrends Screen on startup?

This can be easily solved by changing the CMOS battery. Go to nearest retailer Computer Shop and Ask for a new BIOS CMOS battery. It will cost only a few cents. It looks like the below image.

  • Now open your CPU.
  • On your Mother board, you can easily find out your damages BIOS Battery. It looks like the following.
  • Gently remove the Battery by pressing the liver and update it with your new battery.
  • Now start your PC. There will no window entitled American Megatrends.
This method will also make your PC date and time up to date. now there will be no need of updating Date along with time every time you start up your computer.

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