Is Incognito Mode Safe? Some Real world Findings and reports

Incognito Mode is a browser feature that prevent the platform whatever it is (Windows, Android, iOS) from storing the browsing histories, cookies etc. Every time you surf on Internet, many data are get stored on your device. But on Incognito Mode there is no need of such worrying. This browser feature get widely accepted after Google had introduced on their browser Google Chrome. While browsing in this Mode, none of the files like cookies are not saved on your devices storage area. Even clearly, your complete surfing and search history is automatically burned out.

 Incognito mode

How to activate or use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome?


In Google Chrome you can easily open up a new incognito browser window and the browsing history get cleared out when you closed the window. This feature is very useful if you are browsing Internet from School, College, Friends home, Internet Cafe etc. If you are using Chrome from PC, then Go To

Settings > New Incognito Window

This can be made easy by sing the Keyboard Shortcut

Ctrl + Shift + N

In a Mac OS press and ⌘-Shift-N keys to open the window.

Incognito Mode For Google Chrome in Android and iOS

This is the same as that of in windows

Go to Settings, New Incognito Tab.

You can read more from here.


 Advantages on Incognito


  • Visited pages History: Once you visit a page through Incognito, they never come ahgain on the address bar or in the history list. The visited pages can’t be reloaded with any other tools.
  • Auto Form and Search Bar entries: The entries you made on websites which have an auto filling option in incognito won’t be come again in normal browsing.
  • No Passwords:The passwords you enter will not get saved anywhere.
  • No Download List entries: If you download a file, it will get saved on your storage area but there will not be such an entry listed anywhere.
  • Cookies: Cookies won’t get stored on your storage so that no websites can track you later. You are also safe from Google advertisement cookies.


In Incognito Mode you are only safe from your browser


In Incognito Mode you are only safe from your browser. That means you can only hide things from your browser. The websites you visited may collected records IP address and other details. This can’t be wiped out through Incognito Mode. Also , any files downloaded to your computer or  smart phones, tablets will still remain. If there are any software and tools spy on your activities, Incognito mode can’t protect you. For example if there is a key-logger software running on your Computer, this feature can’t protect you.

No more secret browsing is possible via Chrome in iOS platform. iOS always have their own controls over the apps on the apple market. In case of Chrome incognito normal and incognito tabs share HTML 5 local storage, which is normally taken by websites to save files on your device or to support offline functionality. This simply means that the same websites can always access their information in the device storage in case of both normal and incognito tabs.


How to open private browsing in Mozilla Firefox?


A new Private window can be opened by

  • Navigate to the top left corner of Firefox window, then click on the Firefox button and choose New Private Window.
    Incognito in firefox

A new Link can be opened in private mode by

  • Right click on the desired link and choose “Open Link in New Private Window” option. The will open the link privately.
    Link in Private Window Fx20 Win7
There is an easy way to classify normal window and private window in Mozilla. All private windows shows a Violet color at the top left whereas normal windows shows Orange color.
Don’t think that private browsing is safe enough.  It just protect us from the histories and cookies. Spy softwares can keep track you and steal your personal information.

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