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Alexa is one of the leading website which gives ranks to the whole websites based on the traffic they receives. Alexa is a subsidiary of popular website Basically Alexa serves rank based on the amount of visitors visits a website who had installed their toolbar. However this is not the exact algorithm with which they provides the rank.

This traffic is calculated based on several parameters like page views and reach. The reach means the visitors who visited a particular website. However this value is unique. Page views means the number of times a page is viewed. This is not unique. If a person visited a website and surfed 5 pages, then the reach is 1 and page views is 5. Alexa Algorithm keep track of this reach and page views and ranks a website with the average value of three months.


Increase Alexa Rank

Advantages of Increase Alexa rank of your website


Thinking deeply, there is nothing more in increase alexa rank of any website. By Increasing Alexa rank, you would not get any benefit of Search Engine Ranking position or Page Ranks. As Google not associated with Alexa, they won’t care about it. High Alexa rank is only for a show. However, there are many advantages for this robotic ranking facility.

  • Two or more website can be easily classified based on the amount of visitors they receives. If you have a competitor, you can easily figure out which of the website gets more traffic and page views.
  • If your website ranked well in alexa, your website get more advertising opportunity. If you have focused on a theme and maintained good rank, you may receive many sponsorship and huge paying advertisements.
  • You can focus on Search engine Optimization by comparing your Alexa Rank.


Increase Alexa rank by this natural methods


1: Registering on Alexa

If you are a beginner, you must register on for fastest indexing of your blog. If you got some rank, you can easily maintain it by receiving traffic. If you remain unregistered, Alexa bot won’t get index you and you may not receive ranking quickly. If you have a little bit of traffic and unranked on alexa, registering result in a quick ranking with in 2 or 3 days.

2. Install Alexa rank widget

This plays an important role in Alexa rank. Every time your website loads up, this widget also loads up. There would be a significant communication between the widget scripts to the ranking algorithm. If you have no widget, it would be difficult for alexa bot to extract visitor details easily. So try this fast if you are curious to get ranking.

3. Installing Alexa Toolbar

People browsing a website by enabling Alexa toolbar on the browser get easily notified by alexa. Such surfing website normally earns some ranks quickly. They introduced such a toolbar for the fastest ranking of website with good traffic. The toolbar sends the data about which website get surfed more.

4. Applying Search Engine Optimization methods

By doing SEO activities, you will earn huge amount of organic traffic towards your website. This will continues until you lose the SERP. So SEO is the best way to increase Alexa Rank. Talking about SEO is not a simple task. It is a huge area. However you can try the common SEO techniques like title and meta tag optimization and link building.


Jingling The quickest Alexa rank increasing tool


Jingling is the simple and lightweight tool that drives unlimited traffic towards any website. Internet world considers Jingling as a Chinese shit which is documented in Chinese language. You can add 5 websites on Jingling and run them simultaneously. With in seconds this software drives traffic from all over the world. Most of them are from US. This software uses the proxy server feature to send traffic towards any site.

  • Download and Install Jingling from here.
  • Now add your website to this software for execution.
  • View your website stats after 1 or 2 minutes. You can watch the dramatic increase in stats.
  • Here is the documentation of Jingling in English. so that you can easily navigate through it.


NB: Using jingling for increasing alexa rank on a website running Cost per Impression programs like Google Adsense, Buysellads are strictly against their Terms and Conditions. So better to remove those programs before testing Jingling. Nobody undertakes the responsibility of those accounts one you lost it.


It is very easy to increase alexa rank of any website. Unlike Google Page rank, it is not based on several factors. Alexa is only based on the direct traffic a website receives. Thus by increasing the amount of visitors to a website, alexa rank dramatically increases. The natural ways like SEO, referring etc can influence on a websites Alexa rank. The software jingling can provide fake traffic to your website. Thus by applying it, you can quickly increase your websites alexa rank. 

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