How to update video card drivers for free in windows?

Are you looking for update your video card drivers for PC? Then you are at the right place. In this article we show you how to update it free of cost without any more risks. Video cards are the products well implemented for increasing the users view to the output devices like monitors. These cards also known as display card or graphics card, enables us to view high quality videos , images and games on an output device with the maximum quality. Most of out latest games requires high amount of graphics memory for work out.

Importance of updating your video card drivers

Many of you thought that what is the need and importance of updating the video card drivers. There are many instance where someone needs to do this activity. One of such situation are if you had migrated from one Operating System to another, you may ask the latest version of the drivers. Without the latest version, you may not possible to access or use the drivers. Here are some of the importance of updating video card drivers.
Unlike other drivers like USB Driver, Printer Driver, we recommend all of you to update the video drivers if any updates are possible. Updating video card drivers doesn’t hurt you in any manner and doesnot took large time for completing the download. For me the update of NVIDIA driver boost the gaming experience of “Starforge” 40% more.
  • Gaining maximum potential of your video card.
  • While some OS requires different versions of the drivers.
  • For getting full control over your hardware.


From where you get the update files?


1: Chipset manufacturer official website:-

For example consider that Nvidia is your Graphics driver. Then navigate to their official website and look for the latest version of drivers. Then download and install it.

2.:- Searching on google for the latest update:-

This is the most common way all of us do if we have a problem. You could able to see softwares that helps you to update your driver or could be able to see the latest version of drivers.


Update Video Card Drivers directly from Windows

You can update your Video card driver directly from windows. For that in windows 7 open Device Manager.
  • Click on start and search for “Device Manager“.
  • Now choose Sound,Video and Game controllers.
  • Right Click on your desired driver and Choose Update option.

The time need to update the drivers vary along with your ISP bandwidth and the size of the drivers.


DriverMax The ultimate tool to update Video card Drivers for free

In some case, you can’t able to update the drivers using the above method. in such case you can use a third-party software known as DriverMax. This is a new tool that allows you to download ,install and update the latest version of drivers for free. If you have tired of looking after any hardware drivers, drivermax will end up your search. This tools one-click update option allows to update any driver without any other prior knowledge. This tool be efficient if you had lost the device driver CD. This tool is free for 30 days trial period and after that you should purchase it. For using the trial version, Just create a new free account, log in, and start downloading the latest update for free.
free video card driver update

Drivermax have several other features like backup ing of the downloaded drivers so that you can use the same in future without any downloading.  This could be very useful if you plan a computer format in future.

Download DriverMax from here.

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