Use Normal Internet plan on Blackberry GPRS, 2G, 3G without BIS

Unlike other operating system smart phones, Blackberry mobiles have its own unique features and advantages. Blackberry raises its head mainly in due to security features that can’t be provided by other smart phones. Blackberry holds a little bit higher position than Apple iOS in case of security.


What is Blackberry Internet Service or BIS?


The Blackberry Internet Service or BIS is a facility provided by the Internet Service Provider or ISP to access Internet. In blackberry devices common Internet Plan won’t work and it requires special BIS packages. BIS also considers as a email and synchronization service which allows you to receive and access email from multiple POP3, IMAP and OWA. When you purchase a new Blackberry mobile, you will ask to create a new BIS account which may differ from ISP to ISP.


Access Internet on Blackberry mobile without Blackberry Internet Service


Since blackberry mobiles are intended for business persons, there is no problem of maintaining BIS by the company. But when normal persons like me buys an old Blackberry phone, get shocked by seeing the Internet plan. In India Most Internet Service Providers starts BIS plan with a low price on 300 Rs. This will not cause headache to business persons with lot of money in the Credit Card. If you are serious about your money and want to activate and use normal 2G, GPRS and 3G plans on your blackberry mobile, please follow the below instructions.

One more thing to say that none of the Blackberry applications will work on this trick. But Most of the third-party softwares like Opera mini, We Chat, Google Chrome etc will surely work.

  • Go to Blackberry Menu

Normal Internet plan on blackberry

  • Click on Options
  • Under Advanced options click TCP/IP
  • Under APN Settings Enabled Type your Internet Service provider APN


Normal Internet plan on blackberry

  • Then Save it.


 APN of all service providers in India


Sorry for others. As I am from India I am providing the APN of all service providers in India.

Service Provider APN
Aircel aircelgprs or
BSNL bsnlnet
Tata Docomo tata.docomo.internet
Vodafone www
Idea Internet
Uninor Uninor
Reliance RCOMNET

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