not Loading, Working Problem solution with proof is the most popular link shortening service, that pays for each visitors visiting the link. This platform is good for both publishers and advertisers. Since there are many other alternatives, this is one of the popular and widely accepted one. For both advertisers and publishers, this would be a best solution. As Adfly blocks proxy or un natural links, advertisers can put money without any doubts. If someone receives great amount of traffic from natural sources, he can change it to some dollars.


How adfly related to Indian publishers?


India is the top country that blocked based on the number of users. Due to the blocking lots of bloggers and web publishers lost their revenue. This blocking affected thousands of web links that receives huge amount of web traffic. I had lost 30 links that receives more than 10000 visitors a day. But I had changed the link as I mentioned below. There are many those who don’t know about this update. If you are one among them try to change your adfly links.


 How to solve Not loading problem?


Well you are here to know how you can unlock or unblock website to gain potential.  From the middle of 2013 Indian Telecommunication Department had blocked it due to several reasons. This block had affected half of Indian Bloggers and crores of links related to It is die hard to change those links already posted on articles and forums. If you have some knowledge in this field, you can unlock blocked adfly website easily. Follow the below steps.


Method 1: http to https not working

This is the easiest and recommended method to unblock blocked website. In India the URL is blocked. India haven’t blocked If your adfly link is ,  change it to


Method 2: Using Proxy websites not Loading

Since is not blocked all over the world, you can access it by browsing from other countries. Is browsing from other country possible? This doesn’t mean to go over other countries. Simply open any proxy websites and enter and start browsing. You can now see the website get unlocked. However this method is not recommended my me. A working proxy website is There are hundreds of other proxy websites and you can choose it randomly.



Both of the above methods are verified and working fine methods to solve adfly issue. Even if both are working, I prefer to use first method. In case first step is worthless, try the second method. Since proxy websites blocks scripts and encode the page, there may be issue to open the adfly page via second method.

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