How to block website Easily in Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS?

There may be many instances were you want to block a particular website. In your home if you have teenagers and want to hide porn websites from them, it is possible by filtering such websites. If you are running a company and want to hide unwanted websites, it could be easily possible. If you are the admin of College or school computer lab and don’t needs to show students websites like Facebook and twitter, you can easily manage it.


Block website Easily using K9 Web filter


K9 web filter is an awesome tool to lock websites and filter keywords so that it blocks suspicious websites from kids. There are several advanced features for K9 web filter. You can easily block website under drugs, mature content, gambling, malware, virus and many more categories. This tool can force search engines top make safe search. The advanced feature allows us to restrict a webpage based on specified time interval and unlock the same after some time. This tool can easily block unlimited number of webpages that we found not pretty. This software is available in major platforms like Windows and Macintosh for free and paid. Free version can nly used for home purpose and enterprise version can be used commercially. Admin can view the real time chart of web history after made the installation. The company assure high security for this tool even the kids can’t break.


Some features of k9 web filter


On-Time Malware and spyware protection:- With the help of user rating K9 detects websites holds any type of virus content. As per the rating, k9 classifies and blocks websites contain any kind of malware or viruses.

Safe Search:- K9 offers safe search that won’t let your kids going to pornography websites or links. This would reduce headache of parents those provide Internet connection to their children.

Protection without any hanging:- How long you use K9, it won’t lead your device to loops. This software is highly fast.

Steps for blocking websites via K9


  • Go to k9 website and create an account. If you are a home user, you will get it for free.
  • After that Log in to your account with the password that you given at the time of sign up.

block website Easily

  • Now Navigate to Website Exceptions.
  • Under Always Block list add the URL which you want to block.


  • After blocking that URL try to go to the website You will saw an error message like this.



This is the easiest way to block websites on Windows 7, Windows 8 and in Mac OS without any risks. Unlike other methods, you can block search by adding conditional keywords.


The WebBlockert to block websites


There is another free software called The Web Blocker to block a website for free. One click block list can block popular social network websites, Video Streaming websites, Proxy websites, gaming websites, gambling websites and more. This is completely free parental control tool.


Some of the features of Web Blocker

  • User can define which website need to blocked or not.
  • One click content filtering as per user need.
  • Possible to check Internet usage history.
  • White list for granting privilege for specified websites.


Block websites using chrome extension


If you wanna block website easily in windows without external tools like k9 follow these steps. If you are a beginner, it would be better to use the above technique. You can easily block any website via a chrome extension. The one and only disadvantage of using this method is that, those websites that you blocked via chrome won’t get blocked on other browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Block Site is an awesome extension that disables the specified webpage that you entered to block. The extension won’t allow the user to go to the blocked page and it is possible to redirect the page to any other pages. This extension can’t be simply uninstalled because admin can set passwords.


Block websites in using Mozilla add-on


If you loves Mozilla more than any other browsers, you could able to block websites using add-on named Silent Block. Silent block is a fine and high rated add-on available on Mozilla store for blocking a single or list of webpages. Blacklisted websites will not load up when we enter the URL.




Many Internet users may wants to block websites based on their situations. At home, parents may want to block porn and violence websites from their child and at an institution manager wants to block social networking websites. All this could be possible with the above softwares and extensions.

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