Chaatz messaging app: A real killer to WhatsApp and BBM?

All messaging apps have one and only one aim. Allows users to send and receive messaging instantly. By adding user lovable flavors, instant message apps shows their popularity. That’s what we can see in the case of WhatsApp. Since there are many instant chatting services like Facebook Messenger, BBM, WhatsApp, WeChat etc holds the leading position, another app arrives to the competition for becoming the king.

The first version of the tool had arrived on the iOS market on last day with thousands of downloads instantly. On the first look no one will get impressed like WhatsApp or BBM. It’s initial look is too simple and without attractive graphics. Looking on the color combination, we could analyse that there is no thick colors for catching eyes. Team behind Chaatz have words why they made chaatz so simple. They claimed that its lightweight feature made the messages delivery speed fast compared to other services and this simplicity reduces the data cost.

Chaatz messaging app

No marketers can win customers without any unique contents. Here is the point where Chaatz is important. Unlike WhatsApp, Chaatz gives the users a unique chaatz number. The main advantage is privacy, means your real mobile number is anonymous. As a advanced feature over other platforms, you can create multiple profiles with different chaatz number. This won’t let you to message “your girlfriend as your wife”.Unlike WhatsApp, there is no problem while changing the mobile number. This could attract many WhatsApp users those have fear to change the mobile number.


Chaatz messaging app Features


Chaatz is the latest released Instant Messaging app allows the customers to send and receives text and audio messages. Your personal Identity can be controlled using the unique chat ID which can be used separately over separate groups. Here are some of the important features of Chaatz

1. Multiple Profiles on a single device:- You can create multiple profiles for various groups. A virtual phone number called Chaatz number would be given to you for using for multiple groups. You can create one chat ID for friends category and another chat ID for family Category. This will increase the privacy.

2. Totally Free: Chaatz is completely free application. There is no need of subscription of Paid version pop ups. Unlike WhatsApp there is no need of renewal after one year.

3. Group Messaging:- There is the option for Group messaging which is not a unique feature but required one.


Chaatz messaging app initial review on iTunes


Chaatz messaging app initial review is little bit disappointing. After installation the users had started reviewing it on the market. Here is a screenshot extracted over iTunes

chaatz review

Most of them reviewed that they are facing problem to receive verification text. This would be the starting trouble and may repair the bugs in a short while.

News About Chaatz app

The app Chaatz was founded by Richard Cheung (CEO), Arnie Chaudhuri and  Michael Wong (CTO) which was initially released on February 2014. As per the reports this tiny app targets about 2 billion users world wide at the end of this year. While reading a tech report, We found that Chaatz app is looking for 55% smart phone users to migrate to their app. While comparing with other apps, we found that Anonymous Chatting is the unique feature of this app.

Currently this app is available only in Apple market. It would be arrive soon in Android and Windows platform.

Download Chaatz for iPhone

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