Clash of Clans Hack: Ultimate Cheat, Tips For Finishing the game

Before going to writing up, I wanna say one thing. “I addicted to “Clash of Clans“. This is a new gaming experience for me after I playing Temple Run. There are many other competitors for Clash of clan in PC and in android but this was the game I loved most. User can play against computer or with other users online. This game had changed the Real Time Strategy [RTS] game era in all mobile platforms especially in Android. We are the admin who needs to collect all available resource and create new army stable for fighting against the enemy.

This cool app is free to download and play but may prompt you to purchase coins for real money. If this message annoy you, you can easily disable this by going to the device settings page. Quick compacts and strategic planning gives more taste to this product.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans: How the game Feel?


I first heard about this game in an advertisement provided by a free app, forced me to install and test the app. For first two days, I could not figure out what to do and how to play. Later find all features and made a huge army fighting with other users. All the transactions are made in the form of Gold , Elixir and Gems and you would be given certain amount of these items at the starting time. From the beginning to end the possible action are tap and drag. All actions can be done using this steps.

Your team is termed as a clan and you are asked to build a place suits you to train your troops. With thousands of players online or against the Computer you can lead the war. In case of single player game, once you defeated, it could not be replayed.

I felt in love with the game after 15 minutes of playing. The main reason is because Clash of clan is a real time game. We could able to locate other players all over the world and attack their clans if it is week. It is also possible to find , locate and re attack the clan which attacked ours as the game progresses. There is also an option to attack similar clan which are made by the computer itself for improving our Gold and elixir collection.


Awesome Tips to find successful result in Clash of Clans


1. Don’t Misuse your Gems


This is the first thing you should keep in mind while playing Clash of Clans. Beginners would like to Gems for purchasing Elixir, Gold and for speeding up activities. This is completely bad idea. The complete elements in the game is interrelated. Comparing with Elixir and Gold, it is very difficult to get Gems. By completing challenges, you get some gems but is is time consuming. For gaining Gems fast you should destroy the elements like trees, stones and mushrooms. But it will cost lots of gold and a builder. If a builder is working on a long time process like building gold mines, building Elixir expand, it can’t be possible. For making another builder, it cost you 500 Gems which is harder for a beginner. So Don’t use Gems for fasting up process until it is very very essential.


2. Store some amount of Gold and Elixir


Always keep some amount of Gold and Elixir on your hand. Gold is necessary for finding a troop and swapping the troops. In case you don’t have enough Gold, It will consume your Gems in exchange. This is completely bad idea. Gold or Elixir is not important as Gems. In case of Elixir, it is necessary for training troops. If there is no Elixir for train, it consumes gems for that. So always keep something in your inventory for saving precious gems.


3: Never build your town at any corners


This is one of the biggest mistakes made by the gamer’s especially by the beginners. You can’t place anything on the border of the field including wall, defense or anything like that [The place where a different type of grass]. When someone intent to attack you and found that you selected a corner for building the town, they place their army at the border. So that they can easily enter to your area. If you are building town at center position, it would be hard to enter before defeating and destroying the walls.


4. Allow time to do something


Builders need time to finish an architect. For some work, they need hours of time. Be patient till they finish their work. Never use gems to get the work done faster. You may lose hundreds of gems when you finish larger works. It would be better if you assign works with larger time before leaving the game. Then when you return after 1 or 2 hour, they will finish it. So there would be no lagging. At the time of play assign builders work that needs less time like cutting trees and breaking stones.


5. Open a Wall and put traps


This is an awesome idea to throw your enemies. While creating strong wall, open a small gateway so that your enemies can easily enter. What a stupid tip is this? You may thought like that. But the real trick is coming. Fill the gateway with maximum amount of traps like bombs and springs. You can easily destroy half of the enemies by this method. Then what will do if the enemies won’t pass through the gateway? Nice question. We can’t force enemies to come through a particular path but attract them by putting Gold and Elixir storage near by it.
6. Create a strongĀ Defense


Clash of Clans is a game of attack and defense. Attack and defense have equal importance. However many of the players won’t gave enough importance to defense. This is completely bad thought. If you have huge storage of Elixir and Gold and defense is poor, enemy could easily loot them. So never gave a chance.


7. Never make your builders sleep


The development of your village completely depends on your builders. From the beginning itself, you may run your constructions with 2 builders. It requires 500 Gems for unlocking a new builder, which is hard and hard to achieve for a beginner unless he is a returning player or purchases the gems. When player starts the game, he/she may not know the importance of Gems, use it for unwanted activities and for speeding up process. Finally when he understand the game and want builders, suffer for obtaining 500 Gems. Now come to the point. Never ever let your builders sleep. When you are online and intend to play for one or two hour, allow the builders to do some short time activities. When you went asleep, ask the builders to do some long time activities that may took 8-12 work.


8. Make Upgrades in Time Intervals

Always upgrade all of your given objects. Never let any of them at the level 1. Also don’t try to upgrade a particular object. As all the things are inter related, you should consider them equally.

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