Download Flappy Bird For android: Mediafire Link

Flappy Bird is one of the smallest game that put virus on the brain of android and iOS users. The game worth 1 MB in size attracted and captured game lovers of both platform.  Many thinks that huge Graphics games like Temple Run and Clash of Clans were the best games ever but need to thought about games like Flappy Bird , Chain reaction etc.

This piece of game is not a new idea but invented and modified from several other games. It was on January first week, I used to visit Google Play store for latest high rated apps and games. Browsing down, I found This top rated game. Viewing Description, I found that the game is only 1 MB in size. Bull Shit! I don’t like to play low ended games. But I found that the game have more than 4.5 Rating by thousands of users. As I am a game mania, I downloaded the game.

Download Flappy Bird For android

From that moment, It understood that there are many games in plat store that are well addictive that high graphics shits. This game was not a new experience as I played Super Mario [Levels inside water] in TV Video Games. But the concept was awesome. The short concept of the game is to fly the bird over several pipes. This games continues until you hit any of the pipes. You will receive points for crossing each and every pipes. As long as you go, that much points.


Download Flappy Bird For android


Dong Nguyen developer of the game Flappy Bird tweeted that he is removing the game. This is completely a hit for those who loves the game and addicted to it. The game was removed yesterday and several webpages states that the removal was due to Copyright claims. But the real reason is not due to any illegal activities. Nguyen claimed that he removed the app because it ruined his simple life. He is not willing to sell it or publish it again.

However we had found the copy of the game. You can download it from Mediafire.

Download Flappy Bird 1.3 for android

Download Flappy Bird 1.2 for android

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