Uninstall system apps on android: “No rooting Required”

When installing android OS to your device at factory level, manufacturers include so many apps that may or may not useful to you. These apps which you can see at the purchase time of your mobile or tablet is said to be system apps or pre-installed apps. In most case, there would be several apps that have no use. It may relate to you. From device to device developers try to install several apps. This may sometimes irritate the customers.

Consider you bought an android mobile for cheap rate. Say Galaxy Y or Galaxy Pop. Both these two mobiles have only small amount of internal memory. Subtracting OS and other installed apps memory from Internal memory, you could see that these system apps used 1/4 of total memory. For installing apps preferred to us, we may force to remove other apps we installed. Still the unwanted system apps consumes the space. These problem could be able to solbe by any of the below apps.


Advantages of removing System apps on Android


If you are using Latest High cost android device like Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, Xperia, there is no more advantage by uninstalling the apps. But consider the case in which user have cheap smartphones with low internal memory. A good part of the memory would be utilized for installing the Operating System. And it may also loaded with several internal apps. In most cheap mobile phones this process will consume at least half of the Internal Memory. In order to regain the lost memory, it is necessary to uninstall the unwanted system apps. This process may also help to increase the system speed. We won’t recommend anyone to uninstall the default apps if they are handling with High ended smartphones or tablets.


Best 3 apps to Uninstall system apps on android


1. System App Remover:-  [Root Permission needed]


System app remover is the top rated and best reviewed default app remover on android platform. This app does not required root permission or super user permission. Not only system app un-installation but also user app uninstall, app to SD card and add from SD card to phone is also possible. Whenever an uninstall perform by this app, it will crate a backup on the trash, so that if you feel any stability problem , you could able to install the same from the dustbin. This is because the manufacturer may customized the device like so. This app had widely over hundreds of devices and find no bugs. Pre installed apps like Camera, Gmail, Email, YouTube, Calender etc can easily removed and could install any new from the play store.

Uninstall system apps on android

You user convenient, there is an option to remove multiple apps at a time. Uninstalling the pre loaded apps will free up the internal memory space. This app remover is not much heavy. Only less than 1MB. System app remover have a rating of 4.7 in Google play. This will not supported Rooted phones.


2. Root App Delete [Root Permission Required]


This tool will be useful if you are a rooted android user. Rooting provide this app the administrator privilege to uninstall system apps. The option to modify the apps is very helpful if you want to change any apps before uninstalling. This app required Library file access for doing the work. So Rooting is necessary. This app also able to un install apps like Facebook, Twitter, GMail, EMail etc.


3. System app uninstaller  [Root Permission Required]


Like Root App delete, System App uninstaller also required Root permission. This app is very safe and easy to use. There is a feature to hide system apps that would cause stability problem after un install. You can backup apps before making any changes and there is the option to create custom Trash for removing the system apps.

This app have the same features that of System app remover but the one and only one difference is that one works with rooted mobile and other works with un rooted mobile phones. This app could remove Camera, Gallery, Navigation, Maps etc.


4. Root app Uninstall [Required Rooting]


This is a flexible app to remove unwanted apps. But rated on 4.1 in Android market. You can sort the apps in different ways such as type, size, system app or not etc. The batch uninstall feature allows us to un install multiple apps in a click. Among all the above list this app is less popular and less rated. Use this app unless the above one don’t gave a positive result.



There are several apps that let you to uninstall default apps on your android device. For low rate smart phones this would be great tool for removing unwanted apps that are eating the internal memory. There are apps working fine with rooted and un rooted devices. Select as per your choice and delete system apps.

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