“Unknown error code during application install” Android error solution

Errors or interrupts during any important activity made all of us irritate. The same in the case of mobiles and applications. Errors during working with an application or anything with mobiles made us annoy. We had already discussed about some of the popular error messages that pop up on android smartphone. One of the popular among them is the Parse error. While installing apps outside from market it popup and displays “There was a problem parsing the package”. We are greatful that many readers solved the issue by reading our article.

Today discussing with another important error message that appears on android device while installing an application. You may sometimes noticed that error prompt “Unknown error code during application install ” displayed on the screen while installing an application. What is the reason behind this error? Is it due to your data network or device problem? Or this is due to Operating System compatibility? Here are some working solutions and tips to solve  “Unknown error code during application install ” problem.

When I got Unknown error code during application install Error?


I am lovable of getting error messages on any of pet devices like Android Smartphone and my PC. Because those errors gave me a new lesson and i could apply the solution in future. I had already solved many issues on my Windows PC and explored to the world through this blog. I am getting this issue for the first time when I download Clash of Clan Game from Google Play. The game was about 50 MB in size and the download completed. The apps will automatically installed after downloading from Play store. Since we have low Internet speed, I count all the MB’s getting download to my Penta Tablet. After 5 Minutes the download get completed. At the moment of starting Installation, the app got close and prompt a window showing “Unknown error code during application install ” problem. Oh My God! It was one of the fewest game I got addicted before I got an Android Device. Will this holy shit never get installed on my device?


Reason for Unknown Error code message


Before going to the solution, please understand why this error massage displayed on your device.  Simply saying the main reason of this issue is because of the presence of same folder name on your device memory. Every time you install an application, it will create a folder under the data section of root directory. If there is folder a duplicate folder, it may result in this type error.


How to solve “Unknown error code during application install ” issue?


1. Doing a factory reset


This is an well proven and self tried method of solving this issue. As I said earlier, I faced problem when installing Clash of Clans. Then I tried a factory reset. I will not recommend this method for anyone those having important files and data on Phone memory. Performing Factory reset and Wiping Cache will erase all wanted and unwanted files without any backup. In my case, I am using my tablet for entertainment purpose and done without looking future activities. After rebooting, I installed the same app from market and I got a positive result. As I self tested and have experience I recommend this as the best solution.


2. Deleting the corresponding files and folders [Only for rooted device]


If you are afraid of doing a factory reset, try this method. Before that, keep in mind that this would work if you have a rooted mobile or tablet. As I mentioned earlier the reason for this error is the multiple arriving of same data files and folders. In this solution you can solve this issue by deleting the older or duplicate files and folders. On your File explorer you could able to view all the data files of installed applications.

  • Go to File Explorer
  • Find the folder and files having the same name of the corresponding app.

"Unknown error code during application install

  • The folder may named like .com.appname. eg: .com.clashofclans.
  • Long tap on the Folder



  • From the list of options choose delete option. This will delete the folder and files. Note that this will possible only if you had a rooted device.

In both the solutions you are doing the same concept. Delete the related files and folders.


Another solutions found on Android forums


I had viewed many other suggestions made by android users on several forums. I don’t know whether this work or not. Try this for fun and if you success it would be great.

One of the user commented that he faced this issue while downloading this app via Wi-Fi connection. After he download the same app through mobile data network, it worked fine and installed without any errors.

Another commented that he changed the static ROM to Custom ROM. I know that this will work because changing ROM requires a Factory Reset. So I requesting readers that there is no need of changing ROM for solving this issue.


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