WhatsApp vs Telegram: Will Telegram beat the no.1 messenger app?

Last week we had compared the advantages and disadvantages between two popular messaging apps. Of you missed that stuff, read here BBM vs WhatsApp. Another android application came to compete with WhatsApp. The new app telegram had made nearly 5,000,000 installation with in low time period. Is this shows the popularity of this app?

whatsapp vs telegram

Telegram messenger application In detail


Telegram started acquiring customers by saying that they are providing more speed and security than any other applications. This new app allows group chatting with nearly 200 persons at a while. Unlike WhatsApp the storage is done on cloud storage. You can send and receive video files up to 1024 MB and could share multiple images and photos. As I say, they are providing little bit more security features by embedding secret chat option with an encryption data transmission. There is no need of using ad blocker for android because this app is completely ad free. We had already tell you the features of whatsapp and not making the same features repeat here.


Features offer by Telegram


Telegram offer the following features.

Instant support:- A real time support is available on telegram so that users can contact the company for any kind of questions. There is an Ask a question option under the settings to make inquiries related to the app.

High Security & privacy:- Unlike other messenger apps, Telegram provides more security. The secret chat using encryption technique is an example for security and privacy

Fast:- Telegram is fast. Your recipient gets the data as quickly as you click the send button.

Cloud Storage:- Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram stores the the data on the cloud. One of the advantage is you will never loss the data you shared and you can access the same from more than one devices.

No Ads:- The app is completely free. There is no usage cost company asking after certain period. Still the app is not irritating their users by stuffing lots of advertisements.

Reliable:- Telegram is highly reliable. You will not lose huge amount of data until you upload or download bigger files. Chatting requires only bytes of data.


Some Cases in which WhatsApp is better


Comparing WhatsApp vs telegram, we could see that in many aspects telegram is little bit weaker than WhatsApp. Consider the following cases.

Hard to upload pics in some mobiles:- Many users reviewed at Google play store had negatively reviewed that this app is not compatible to upload an profile picture. This  problem had heard from thousands of customers who are using low ended android mobiles like Galaxy Y [Gingerbread] . This wan not only seen on low mobiles but also a Kitkat user reviewed the same. They need some code changes here.

Error uploading video files:- Telegram offers uploading of video files up to 1 GB. But in most cases the users get error message at the beginning or middle of the updation process. There need some cautions.

No multiple selection:- Whenever a user wants to send more than one files, it is not possible to select the multiple files and send at once. You need to send the first image and after that do the same for sending the second file.

Sometimes need to open the app for receiving messages:- This error is not visible at every time. If you receive a message or notification, if there is network connection,it should automatically be notified. But in some case you should open the app to receive the messages. This makes “Instant messaging app” no sense.

No status:- You can’t easily figure out the opposite person is online or offline. In my opinion they should make it as what we seen in Facebook.

No voice or video chat feature:- This is the important disadvantage of telegram. There is no option for video/audio chatting. While other services provide this facility, telegram also offer it for customer support.


Telegram offered 200,000 $ to those who break their security protocol


An awesome example of their high end security. They are offering the validity up to 1 March 2014.  The aim of this offer was to find out an email address from the founders Pavel and Durov. You can think about how much security they provides to their users.




Anyway Telegram offers more features than WhatsApp but it does not provides some of the features WhatsApp provides. If they can include all of those features and resolve the bugs, they will be the best messenger app in future. Currently Telegram scored only 4.3 rating in Play Store whereas WhatsApp have 4.5 rating. Sure that they could make improvements by fixing the users needs.

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