Pixl Preview Review: Android app for Viewing Push images directly

Now after long experiments, a new and stunning app available on the android market for viewing your designs created on Photoshop in real time. Outstanding. Isn’t it? After the initial release of the application, it shows its bright future as the application had made thousands of downloads and a huge rating of 4.9 out of hundred reviews. Since the other alternatives are not effective enough, we could say that this application will catch the market. This simple application allows you to make an accurate look on your work without any lagging.

Pixl Preview

This application let us to connect directly yo Adobe Photoshop and we can include Screenshots and images directly to Work. Since I am a addictive worked on Adobe Photoshop, this application is an awesome help. I recommend this application to all of co-workers. Another funny fact that you won’t believe that our company manager ask every one to install this application on our device. I don’t know whether he is Working for the company Lol.

As our team is using Nexus, no problem for installing it on our device. The funny fact is that Pixl Preview only supports device with Android version 4.4. This piece of app doesn’t require any other plugins or software for smooth working.

Download Pixl Preview From here

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