How to use Samsung Milk Music on other countries like India, UK, Australia etc?

Last day Samsung had introduced their own android application called Milk Music to stream radio programs. The importance of this app is that this is free to download and use still no ads  popup and annoy you. Currently only a few number of mobiles like Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 and mega are supported by Milk Music. You should need a Device with android version over 4.1 to install this App.

Another important problem with Milk Music is that it was initially available on US only. No other countries are supported by this free service. Since there are millions of users outside US, they won’t get the feature. If you still loves installing this App, here is a simple trick to do.

Samsung call the app as milk because Milk is pure and Organic and they found such a feature on their application. This app is powered by slacker. Unlimited streaming is possible with Milk Music but it need an online interface. No songs can play in an offline manner.


Samsung Milk Music Successfully working on other countries


Use US Virtual Private Network for streaming Samsung Milk Music on other countries.


You may have heard about VPN, Virtual Private network. VPN allows browsing internet from a different IP and country with more secure. Here I am introducing a popular VPN named HIDEMAN VPN. The working behind HIDEMAN VPN is simple. The Hideman Application connects you to their server located in Various Countries. Among them US Server is free for 5 hours a week in free version. You can Enjoy more hours for Paid version. After Installing create a connection from USA.

Now it looks like You are Using Internet From USA. Now Open the Milk Music Application and run it. You could see that the radio channels get opened and lots of music waiting for you. Remember that Hideman VPN gives only 5 hours of free browsing on USA server. If you need more time, purchase the premium version.

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