[100% working] Not Registered On Network problem in Samsung galaxy S3 and Core

Today I am going to share my own experience of using Samsung Galaxy Core for 1 week. Last week, I bought a second hand Samsung Galaxy core [3 months warranty left] from olx.com. Basically the Mobile was good but while handovering the device, the first owner reset it. Its his choice to reset or not. I used the device for 2 days.


The real problem starts after 2 days of using. My friends said that your mobile is Switched off. I said “there is no way, my phone is off” I looked on my mobile and showed them it was turned on. But When i started making a call, it shows “Not Registered On Network”. I called the first owner again and he replied that when he use it there were no problem.


Now its my duty to repair it with any cost. For the first time, I Switched off the device and remove battery SIM etc and restart again. Hurraaayyy.. It worked well. But my happiness don’t last. the same problem “Not Registered On Network” came again. I started googleing it and many webmasters said that this issue can be solved by reinstalling the software, due to broken IMEI, due to blacklisted bla… bla… bla…. But I were not interested in rooting the device and break the 3 month left warranty.


Then How I easily solved  “Not Registered On Network” on Galaxy Core?


I am not arguing that this is a trick that I created. But this is only a mixture of my luck.


  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Software update


Make sure that you have data connectivity. With in moments you could see that it will show Your device have registered.

From that moment I haven’t seen the “Not registered on Network” error on my Galaxy Core. I hope this would helped you. Please share your experience whether positive or negative below.

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