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“Lemon Meringue Pie” for upcoming Android Version?

Android Police team always chasing down latest news from Android field had revealed a new possible name for upcoming Android version after Kit Kat. I don’t know how much research they had done for exploring this kind information as soon as possible.  Before going for this news please keep in mind that there is no

[100% working] Not Registered On Network problem in Samsung galaxy S3 and Core

Today I am going to share my own experience of using Samsung Galaxy Core for 1 week. Last week, I bought a second hand Samsung Galaxy core [3 months warranty left] from Basically the Mobile was good but while handovering the device, the first owner reset it. Its his choice to reset or not.

Download Flappy Bird For android: Mediafire Link

Flappy Bird is one of the smallest game that put virus on the brain of android and iOS users. The game worth 1 MB in size attracted and captured game lovers of both platform.  Many thinks that huge Graphics games like Temple Run and Clash of Clans were the best games ever but need to

“Unknown error code during application install” Android error solution

Errors or interrupts during any important activity made all of us irritate. The same in the case of mobiles and applications. Errors during working with an application or anything with mobiles made us annoy. We had already discussed about some of the popular error messages that pop up on android smartphone. One of the popular

Uninstall system apps on android: “No rooting Required”

When installing android OS to your device at factory level, manufacturers include so many apps that may or may not useful to you. These apps which you can see at the purchase time of your mobile or tablet is said to be system apps or pre-installed apps. In most case, there would be several apps

[Solved] Android Screen not getting turn on after making a Call?

Here I am going to show one of the serious problem facing by lot of android customers and even me for a long time. What is Screen turns off during call problem? If you had used any android devices, you may noticed that while putting your smart phone on your ears, the screen goes off

How to get Internet using USB Ethernet Adapter on android devices?

Have you seen any USB Ethernet Adapter yet? Now a days, it is possible to connect Ethernet devices via USB ports and the service is known as Ethernet over USB. By using an USB Ethernet Adapter, there is no need of LAN Card.There are USB Ethernet Adapters and mobile to USB adapters available on the market. Is it