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[Solved] iPhone stuck in apple logo problem with screenshot

iPhones are the most widely selling smart phones in the world. iPhones has it popularity mainly due to the security reach and its less problem occurring probability. Here we are discussing a problem that is facing by lot’s of Apple iphone customers.iPhone stuck on apple logo are problem mainly occurring occasionally through the iOS upgrade process, which is mainly happen

[Solved] This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone problem

What a shitty day it was. I lost 2 and a half hour today watching error message “This accessory is not optimized for this iphone” in my 4GS. I daily used to play Temple run on my 4GS and unfortunately I happen to see this F__ing error message.  Now what to do? I really confused.

Best 5 addictive Apple iPhone games list ever

Here is a slight peculiarity in this article. Due to request from hundreds of fans, Tricksage going to include contents related to apple and iPhone same as that of android as we do early. From today iPhone lovers gets tons of stuffs related to ipad, iPhone etc.As an introductory article, we had choose an interesting topic to every

The Best IPhone Covers – Top 5 among them

There are hundreds of covers for your iPhone available in the market right now and if you are going to choose the ideal iPhone cover for your iPhone, you might fall into confusion because of the large array of choices you have. Choices range from slim and sleek covers to sizeable and bulky covers. Yet,

Five Things To Consider Before Getting Your IPhone Fixed

Whether you’ve dropped your iPhone in the toilet or managed to break the screen, not all iPhone repairs are covered by Apple. Some repairs or limited, such as a one-time screen repair, and sometimes Apple just won’t cover accidental damage. Whatever the cause, you have to get your iPhone fixed without your warranty. While this

Danger behind using a public Wi-Fi and precautions to do before using it

Do you have Wi-Fi enabled smartphone and are you using it for connecting to Public Wi-Fi’s? There are several risks about  the usage of public Wi-Fi in your Smart Phone, Tablet or in laptops. Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity, where data and information are passing over air. These information could be easily decoded by a professional who works behind the

5 Best iPhone apps For Kids: Make them funny

All people especially kids like to use iPhone. Can they use it well like we do? It could be make sure by giving them good games in iPhone.  Games????? Some of the parents shiver with angry when hear the word “game”.  I know this well because my father also won’t allow me to play games in PC or