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5 Best blog name generator tools for awesome domain suggestions

A good blog name or domain is the very fundamental part of blogging career. Those simple domains were easy to type and memorize. In this present internet time you will not get a keyword only domain name, as it may owned by some one else. If you are planning to write a blog about tricks, you will

501+ Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs with High page rank for backlink

CommentLuv blogs are websites that enabled CommentLuv plugin. It is an awesome plugin that is an alternative to default comment system in WordPress, blogger etc. In case of blogger, it is little difficult to add commentluv plugin. You can read here how to add commentluv plugin for blogger.Most bloggers for their article advertisement uses commentluv

Is WiFi signal harmful? A case Study

Wi-Fi are modern technology that enables us to access Internet connection without any wired connection. They uses Radio signals to transfer data through air. These radio signals are a form of radiations. What did people says about WiFi radiation? One of the BBC case study reported that radiation cause by WiFi  in a school was up

Top 3 best Courier service in India with tracking facility

Is there anyone who didn’t get any courier till now? Probably No. As a result of development in online shopping and other parcel services, courier field wake up and new courier companies generated. While we looking up the history, Indian courier service started in 1998. Till now private courier plays a great role in exchanging products

List of best courier / parcel services in USA

Couriers can be basically a mail or package. It differs in its speed of delivery, tracking feature, and security than a standard mail. It is a premium service so that it is slightly expensive than standard mail. Here are some of the best courier services available in USA. Best Courier Services in USA 1. FedEXFedEx

The Top 10 best Tablets of 2013

The best 10 tablets of 2013 From the Apple iPad to the Samsung Galaxy Note, we’ve rounded up the ten best tablets available on the market today. 10. Sony Xperia Tablet Zssss The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is coming to stores sometime in May, but there are already reports and reviews that claim it rivals

Prevent Your Children From Getting Exposed To Adult Content While Playing Games Online

There are various challenges that parents have to face while raising their children, some of the challenges are easily sorted out, but some of them require quite a bit of research and planning. Especially when it comes to protecting your children from sexual or adult content online, parents really need to do some serious homework