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How to download facebook videos using IDM?

Like YouTube, Facebook also have the feature to upload and share videos. But same as that of YouTube, there is no default way to download videos from Facebook. We need to seek the help on online and other tools to download those videos. In this article, we shows how to download Facebook videos using IDM

[Solved] WiFi Disconnecting Frequently while phone go to sleep mode in android

Android device without internet connection. Can you imagine such situations? I had told this many time that Smart phone without data connection is like carrying an old black and white mobile. You can use internet from mobile data connection or from a Shared WiFi connection. if you are on the situation to use huge amount of data,

Reset Forget Wifi Router Password – Easy method

Wireless router is a device that performs the same function of a normal Router. The extended function of a Wireless Router from a normal router is to create wireless Access point. Here no need of a wired link as the connection is made possible using radio waves. While thinking theoretically, you can connect up to 255

How to increase Facebook Likes for free? Easy trick

Facebook is the worlds largest Social media Networking website. Many times it overcome the first rank position of in case of traffic.Liking option in Facebook plays a great role in the development of Facebook  lots and lot of sharing is based on Facebook likes. High intensity of likes in Facebook pages makes more demand for the products described by the page. Some people

How to download torrent files for free? Simple tutorial

Guyz, This is going to be a simple and well-known article. I don’t think that you don’t know how to download a torrent file from torrent hosting sites. But yesterday one of my friend ask me how to download movies from torrent? At the time of describing downloading procedure, I understood that he is completely

How to change wifi name? Simple steps with screenshot

Wifi – Wireless Fidelity allow you to share internet connection to any number of devices without the use of cables or wires. While at a junction or at college, searching for WiFi, you can see Wireless connection with various names. Some connections have the same name as that of the router. In case of college

How do i find bookmarks? The ultimate solution

Before coming to the point, first of all let me explain what is a bookmark? Bookmarking is the process of marking a webpage or website, when we need to visit that page again in future. Bookmarks are simply links to those sites or pages, which we need to visit again.If you have some internet knowledge,