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Increase Alexa Rank in a Week Download the free Software

Alexa is one of the leading website which gives ranks to the whole websites based on the traffic they receives. Alexa is a subsidiary of popular website Basically Alexa serves rank based on the amount of visitors visits a website who had installed their toolbar. However this is not the exact algorithm with which they

Keyboard Shortcuts and tools to take screen shots on Mac OS

In our last post we had discussed how to make screen shots in windows. Today another article regarding “How to take screen shots on Mac OS?”. In case of windows, you can easily take screen captures by pressing the “Prt Scr” key on the top layer of the keyboard. Then what to do in case

How to reduce the file size of a picture? Mass image size compression

There are instances where you need to compress the memory size of your images. For example if you need to upload a mass amount of images to any social sharing sites with slow internet connection, you need to compress for time and data sharing. If you are regular image uploader, it’s better to practice compressing

Free Viewer: All in one File opening software solution

All you know that there are thousands of file formats for a computer file. You may sometime wonder by thinking what are the need of all these extensions. While thinking so keep in mind that all file formats have their own format. For eg. Consider two video file formats .3GP and .AVI. 3GP is the

How to capture screenshot in windows xp, snipping tool for windows xp

A good feature in windows 7 than its older version is an in built screen capturing tool called snipping tool.By using a screen capturing tool you can easily capture a window screen, make images from websites without downloading it (reduces data usage), copy contents from copy locked websites (read how) etc. But what to do