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Use Normal Internet plan on Blackberry GPRS, 2G, 3G without BIS

Unlike other operating system smart phones, Blackberry mobiles have its own unique features and advantages. Blackberry raises its head mainly in due to security features that can’t be provided by other smart phones. Blackberry holds a little bit higher position than Apple iOS in case of security.   What is Blackberry Internet Service or BIS?

Samsung Kies perfectly working solution on windows 8

All Samsung users with an android OS may heard about a tool named Kies. This piece of software allows users to connect their Smart phones to PC for getting latest Software updates and for Internet Connection. The unique feature of this tools allows customers to transfer files from and to phone and external Memory card.

Download Torrent files with IDM – 3 Monster methods

A torrent file is some kind of binary files which contains the details of what piece of data to be distributed. We can download any large files using bit torrent clients with a huge bandwidth. Popularity of torrents getting increases day by day because it consists of lot of pirated or copy righted materials. For

Easy way to find Mobile number owner name and details online

At least once you may get foolish by friends through their new number. Says this because I experienced this for many times. Using a new number or through other mobile number, it is easy to foolish others by doing funny activities like sending messages, putting Miss Calls etc. Is there any method to find the owner

How to change wifi name? Simple steps with screenshot

Wifi – Wireless Fidelity allow you to share internet connection to any number of devices without the use of cables or wires. While at a junction or at college, searching for WiFi, you can see Wireless connection with various names. Some connections have the same name as that of the router. In case of college

[Solved] How to Sync Google Bookmarks with Chrome ?

All you know that, with in a small time, Google Chrome turns into the most popular desktop browser in the world. It is only because the unique feature available in Google Chrome. While swimming into the deep of Chrome, we can discover several treasures, that are not available in any of the other browsers like Mozilla and

How to fix subtitle, if it is before or after the movie video?

Subtitles are those words, which can appear in any language and that are visible above or below any video or movies. Using a subtitle, we can enjoy and understand any language film without time-wasting. All subtitle files have an extension of .srt and we can drag it to the corresponding movie, make the subtitle and video