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How to update video card drivers for free in windows?

Are you looking for update your video card drivers for PC? Then you are at the right place. In this article we show you how to update it free of cost without any more risks. Video cards are the products well implemented for increasing the users view to the output devices like monitors. These cards

External hard disk not detecting problem Solution with proof

Now a days external hard disks are widely using. Most of the latest Laptops are arriving with external hard disks. The main reason behind the popularity of external hard disks are the portability feature. If you had used your external hard disks on more than one computers, you may noticed that it may not detected

Windows 8 not detecting USB drive problem Solution

Last week, I bought new windows 8 home basic. It was my 2 month intention to buy an original version of any windows product. Most time I likely to use the cracked one. Without loosing much more time, I installed it on my PC configured with AMD processor and Asus mother board. I have a

Easy way to Enable telnet in Windows 8 with screenshot

First of all, you need to know what is telnet? Telnet is the term for  ‘telecommunications network’. Simply telnet is an old computer protocol used in the local Area Network (LAN) which uses a virtual terminal connection for providing text-oriented  communication bidirectionally. It was was developed in year 1969. The major problem with telnet were the lack of security. Data

Xbox One: Can this catch up Playstation 4? A Feature list

Quickly after Tech Everest Company Sony unveiled their future PlayStation 4, Microsoft announced their next generation Gaming Console Xbox One. From their previous Console, there are several new features and collection of hardware’s for improving gaming experience  It’s releasing with an outstanding vintage design and brand new features. As the main competitor of Microsoft Xbox One is Sony’s PlayStation 4, they need to introduce

Make windows 8 bootable USB: Step by step instructions

Using windows 8 bootable USB became very effective if there is any problem about booting from a CD or DVD. This method could be applicable if there is no CD Drives for your computer. You can’t make a bootable Windows 8 USB device simply putting files here and there in the USB. For that there

Create windows 8 ISO image: Step by step instructions

Creating an ISO image file is some what problem, if you have a little tech skill. Chance of a CD/DVD/Blueray disks getting damaged are often very high, so by making an ISO file you can easily backup all files in such disks to your Hard Disk or other Removable drives. Another big advantage of an